Oriental fire-bellied toad

January 6, 2011
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Like an oriental fire-bellied toad,
I secrete toxins from my skin
A common toad found in the ponds and forests of northeastern China
A common person coming from a common town
Potential predators in my life, I’ll filter them out
Within time, I’ll show my true colors
Red for anger
Yellow for joy
Green for Jealousy
Purple for hope

I jump from log to log
From leafy piles until I stop at my destination
I jump from day to day
I run from the stress
From the problems
Until I stop in his arms

Tadpoles survive on algae, fungi and plants
I survive off love and positivity

The life-span in the wild
Only twenty years

Those first twenty count the most
The Unken Reflex
Defending myself from the world
I learn to love unconditionally

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