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January 5, 2011
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I like free writes, she likes rewrites
I like hip hop, she likes lip lock
I'm like d-class, she shines like clean brass
I'm dressed basic, she's an oasis
I'm never thankful, she is an angel
I can’t see well, she's like seashells
I smell like an ogre, she likes closure
I eat candy, she drinks brandy

When I want free time,
She gets free wine.
I die if I'm cold,
She lives to be old.
I live with a mouse,
She lives in a house.
I date housewives,
She dates rich guys.
I look like hell,
She sounds like bells.

He lives with his mom and dad,
I wished that my parents would last.
He gets to live without rules,
While I have to go to school.
He has siblings that go wild,
while I'm alone as an only child.
He has friends that he sees for days,
While I'm stuck here with a maids.
I want family and friends,
he wants his poor story to end.

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