Am I Me Or Am I Nothing

January 9, 2011
By Anonymous

I've never been tired of being me,
I'll never be ashamed at what I can be,
I walk the streets head held high,
I walk the streets with no limit, but the sky.

I'll wear green when you wear red,
I'll believe, when you feel doubted.
HERE I AM, but nothing more.

I want to offend those who have offended me,
I want those who smile behind my back,
To fall flat on their face,
Because I am me,
... I am me.

Call me weird,
Hate my opinions,
But don't ever stop to think, I won't be me,
You're made of plastic,
I'm made of flesh,
This is why,
This is why, you fit in...
And I walk the sidelines.

I might not be welcome,
But if you could accept yourself,
You could have the chance,
The chance to see,
To see what I see.

So take a moment,
See the world as if you were you,
You might finally understand.

... I'm a misunderstood individual, proud to say, I AM ME.

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