Sea of Life

December 7, 2010
By Anonymous

She lives in a sea
Surrounded by many waters
She follows a path
Of white sand

Her chosen calls
She runs after Him
In delight
And joy

Her emotions calm
Her actions righteous
Her pearls given away
Her heart in her chosen’s hands

While she runs after Him
A handsome man steps in
Front of her and takes her hand
He swirls her in a romantic dance

Her chosen calls
But entranced, she ignores the call
She happily dances with the lovely man
Into a dark void of swirling water

The man leaves her in a trance
Fantasy and bliss
Love and lust
Sex and romanticism

Sparkling waters form around her
She becomes fearful
As the water swirls her
In visions of fantasy

Tearing her clothes
Filling her veins with fire
She tries to fight
Calls for her chosen’s help

A golden hand appears
Stilling the waters
Pulls her out
Back onto the white sand

The hand disappears
She slowly gets up
Brushes herself off
And runs after her chosen again

Golden pearls snake onto the path
Entrancing her with their shine
She picks them up greedily
All for her and her only

The golden pearls lead her
To a water cage of bubbles
The bubbles try to persuade her
That she needs more and more

A bright light appears
Dissolving and popping the bubbles
Her attention goes back
To the white path of sand

Her chosen calls
She drops all golden pearls
Goes back onto the path of sand
And runs after her chosen again

A friendly wave overcomes her
Filling her mouth
With sweet wine
And the taste of vanity

The wave forms a pool
That beckons to her
She wants more
She must have more

She jumps into the pool
Splashing and laughing
Drinking and drinking
Full of the tasty waters

Soon, she falls asleep
As the pool begins
To pull her deeper
And deeper

Her chosen calls
Awakening her
She begins to swim
Trying to get out of the pool

But fierce currents
Try to push her down
She screams for help
Drowning in the tasty waters

A bubble of pure water
Appears and captures her
Breaking the currents
And bringing her back to the surface

The bubble pops
Throwing her back
Onto the white sand
She runs after her chosen again

Waves of blood red
Come after her
She runs in haste
And in fear

But she begins to doubt
If she ever will reach the end
Or if she is good enough
To even see and touch her chosen

These thoughts stop her
And the waves overcome her
Swirling her in a whirlpool
Of deep, midnight waters

Faces of negative memories
Faces of death and taunting
Faces of shame talkers
Appear in the circling waters

Turning and turning
They tell her
There is no hope
She is worthless

The faces’ fingernails
Slice into her skin
Telling her
That pain is the only way

Giving into these thoughts
She cuts into her own skin
With her own fingernails
And canine teeth

She sighs and smiles
“Pain, yes, the pain.
Pain helps me.
I deserve this.”

Soon, the black waters
Are filled with her blood
One more slice
And all her life is gone

She hesitates
Her cuts on face and arms
Dripping and dripping
With blood

Her blood speaks
The waters speak
The faces speak
“Kill yourself.”

She stops an inch
In front of her chest
Where her heart is
Her fingernails pulsing for blood

Her blood speaks again
“You are worthless.”
She says back
“I am not worthless.”

She then throws the bloody water
At the dark faces
They dissipate with growls
She tries to break the waters

The faces come back
Taunting her again
The thoughts make her scream
Make her cry desperately

Desperate for her chosen one
To comfort her
To lift her
From the dark whirlpool

Her chosen appears
In full bodily form
His hair as white as snow
His body aglow

His body’s glow
Breaks the waters
His hands throw fireballs
At the faces

The faces scream
As they burn in torture
Never to return again
The girl falls to the ground, passed out

Her chosen picks her up
And lays her back on the white sand
The white sand path
Now turned into a beautiful oasis

He looks at her blood-covered body
With compassion and love
He picks up the oasis’s water
And lightly blows the water onto her body

The shiny droplets
Lightly touch her wounds
Like a soft feather
On human skin

His light kiss touches her cheek
His breath blows her hair
She awakens
In a slow, wondrous matter

She stares at the oasis
And her chosen
In shock
And in wonder

Her wounds being to heal
From the droplets
Her chosen speaks
“Your faith has healed you.”

She smiles at Him
With love and joy
Peace and happiness
She gives Him a hug

He lightly brushes her hair
Speaking to her softly
His voice so glorious
And sweet to the ear

“This is what happens
When you get side-tracked
By the things
Of this world.”

“The sea will make you stumble.
The waters will make you fall.
They will and can take things from you
Except your faith, that is your power.”

“If you lose your faith,
You will lose your power
To fight against them
And they will destroy you.”

“But take heart, my child.
When the waters of the sea
Try to overcome you,
I will be there.”

“When you cry out in faith
For my help and protection,
I will be there
To rescue you.”

“So, take heart, my child
Fight the good fight
Keep me in your heart
And I shall protect you.”


The author's comments:
The broken road of life. Life is filled with trials and temptations but Christ is always there to help when we cry for and seek Him with all our heart. :)

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