Dear Dad

January 5, 2011
By sugardumpling BRONZE, Kansas City, Missouri
sugardumpling BRONZE, Kansas City, Missouri
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Sometimes I just sit and stare,I've been wondering do you even care? If so why were you never there? I hope you know that I would always cry. Do you know how I felt on the inside? You are a disappointment in my life because I gave you my heart. But then you just went and stabbed it with a knife. Blood leaking from my heart from the piece you've torn apart. My heart feels heavy,as you show it no love. Why do you show it no love? Tell me please, so I can stop this heartache. You act like you care, but to me it seems fake. You didn't seem to care about me when I was little, always gone and never there. So tell me this, why all of a sudden do you want to be apart of my life?

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