My Hummingbird

January 3, 2011
By babyv0494 BRONZE, New Rochelle, New York
babyv0494 BRONZE, New Rochelle, New York
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Flowers all around me
The scent of healthy grass
Seeing the beautiful garden
Takes me to the past
Back to a specific time
Where innocence was the key
Back to that special place
Where it was only you and me
I never saw such beauty
It felt like a magical land
Walking through a dream world
Us two hand in hand
Hummingbirds made you smile the most
Their wings in constant motion
Giving the garden such perfect peace
Prettier than the ocean
Butterflies soaring all around
Bees buzzing in front of our eyes
At night, it was the greatest sight
To dance with those fireflies
My itty-bitty fingers
Never letting go
Looking down at me with the biggest smile
You hope I never grow
But like flowers, I don't stay small forever
I'm sixteen and bigger too
With hands by my side, I walk this garden alone
But I can only think of you
How you left me last year without saying goodbye
It hurt me internally so
Everything happens for a reason
But why did you have to go?
As this poem begins to come to an end
I smile and look up at the sky
Because past that tree and under the sun
I see your hummingbird fly

The author's comments:
This was a poem I wrote out of the inspiration from a garden and my grandmother.

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