January 3, 2011

Residing in oblivion, drowning in endless abyss.
Fill this void, this vacancy,
Give me a reason to be missed.
Prolonged has been your absence, with nostalgia yet to subside.
Abhorrence is ever growing,
An odium refusing to hide.
Your departure – no abandonment – has left an ashen me.
But a memory, but a ghost,
Empty yet filled with ignominy.
You are a poison, surging through my veins.
Corrosive infection, toxication,
Numbness wins its battle as all hope is drained.
Shattered fragment scattered, broken but not beyond mend.
Please, heal me,
I don't care if you love me again.
Give to me your remedy for I know you possess the cure.
A medicine for repentance and an antidote for regret,
A release from the remorse I've endured.
You may choose to return or to watch me fade.

As your nonchalance air is becomes harder to breathe,
I beg of you,
Please, end this masquerade.

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