The Wrong Side

January 3, 2011
By epp16 BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
epp16 BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
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They cut us off,
all tens of thousands of us
from our families.
Just cut us off,
with the wall.

I’ve torn myself apart over that day.
The day I decided to
leave my children at home and
visit my mother.
I knew Dutchland was
in trouble,
I knew our family was
in trouble.
I had heard rumors about a wall
And I still decided to go.

The morning after they put it up,
I could feel something was
I woke up
to screams, crying, pain.
I needed to get home
but I couldn't.
Over night,
they split Germany into two
with just some baracades,
and a few hundred men.

After a few successful attempts
at escaping,
They upgraded to a wall,
destroying any chances
I had of escaping

I've had fantasies of escaping.
I've heard rumors of people that did.
But then again,
I've also heard rumors of people
Getting shot down,
by the guards.

That wall has been
my nightmare for twenty years,
keeping me from my family.

I have missed twenty years
of my children's lives.
Twenty years.
Memories, experiences,
And still, I’m here.
On the wrong side of

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