words like daggers

December 31, 2010
By the_one_behind_the_mask BRONZE, Indanapolis, Indiana
the_one_behind_the_mask BRONZE, Indanapolis, Indiana
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dont wast time been upset that time youl never get bak

your words like daggers pircing through my skin

never leting me at ease

you look at me and see what you want

youve known me all your life and know in more then what i apear

you judge me, you make fun of me, you colect your insalts

and keep then in a box with a lock

i have never hurt you like youv hurt me

ive never said or judged you so wrong

i had a brother that cared

that loved me for me

but one day i changed the way i looked and you rejected me

youve seen me cry

you saw me suffer

your words are like daggers pircing through my skin

i looked up to you

turns out your the one that will always tear me down

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