Seven Deadly Sins. Lust.

December 21, 2010
By Raiahzah GOLD, Hampton, Iowa
Raiahzah GOLD, Hampton, Iowa
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She wants you.
For your body,
that’s all.
Nothing more.
She craves your body on hers.
The pleasure,
the need.
That’s all she’ll want.
You’ll be thrown onto the streets when done.
Again, you will be mere street garbage.
She only wanted to use you.
The next night she’s out on the prowl,
looking for more pleasure.
She’s never had a husband.
She lives on one-night stands.
For the touch of another is what she loves.
Lust is her name.
She’s very beautiful.
Every man can’t help but stare at her.
They feel her need.
It’s like she has tranced them.
It does not get everyone.
She is taken by a man.
She ruined his marriage.
He takes her by the hand,
and pushes her out the building.
She’s gone.
Her lust for men is now over.
She’s in the darkness of hell,
greeted by the others.
Smothered in fire, instead of kisses.

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