Its Your Fate

January 1, 2011
By , VineGrove, KY
As Soon As One Door Opens;
Another Shuts Fast.

i Can't Take This Feeling Of Lonelyness;
i Hope It Doesn't Last.

Im Stuck Between Two Choices;
Oh, How i Just Wanna Be Free.

But If i Chose The Wrong Turn;
Im Scared Of What The Outcome Will Be.

But If i Chose The Other;
Will It Have The Same Fate ?

Oh, How i Can't Stand This Feeling;
This Feeling, Of No Escape.

As i Kneel On The Grpund;
i Pray , i Pray For Strength.

Dear God, Oh God ;
Please Grant Me The Strength.

To Hold Up Another Day;
When I'm Feeling So Weak.

When I'm Brpken Down;
And Feel Like Theres No-Where To Go.

To Give Me The Strength;
To Build Me Up, So i Don't Let Go.

As My Knees Scrape The Rug;
And My Chest Begins To Heave.

My Emotions Begin To Rise;
From Deep Inside Me.

Dear God, Oh God;
i Dont Understand.

Will It All Be Worth It And Good In The End ?

As The Night Fades To Dawn;
i Lay Here Still Awake.

i Feel So Confused;
i Dont Know WHat To Think.

Oh, How Much More Can i Take ?

The Sky's Getting Lighter;
Times Ticking Away.

I Need To Make A Decision;
But i Feel Braindead.

My Thoughts Are In A Cluster;
I Just Cant See, To Sort Them Out.

Before i Know It;
Time Has Run Out.

i Still Have No Decison;
Or Thought ANything Out.

i Guessi'll Just Go WIth The Flow;
And See How Everything Turns Out.

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ApiKarimi said...
Jan. 14, 2011 at 2:03 am
Honestly written and filled with raw energy. I love it.
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