loves absence

December 11, 2010
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He lie's
He doesn't try
He kills
he screams
he hits
he spits
he hates
he deny's everything
he is quiet
he is sad
he is thoughtful
he isn't bad
he hurts
he dies
he is tired of all the cry's
he used to try
he gave up
He now dies

I love him
He secretly
loves me
he hides every feeling
that i jab into his sides
he holds every breath
he wants to breathe on my neck
he wants to love me

He can't
he is lost
he is trapped
he is her robot
her puppet on strings
her pinochio
so it seems

So I let him deny
his hearts only desire
I let him push me away
i let him stay up at night
thinking of what to say
I let him hate
I let him pretend
I let him fake his careless emotions within

For, I don't care
How three words
he says so dearly
are absent when I walk by
Sometimes I pretend they are present
just so my soul doesn't cry

he see's right through my wall of steel
how I wish he couldn't
how i wish him gone
perhaps...not too long

I don't care
about the loss of his love
because no matter how absent his love is
my love will forever linger and smother the freezing fire in his eyes
My love will haunt
With every ghost of us kissing in the rain
I don't care
I don't care
I don't care
because s long as he knows
I love him so
then he wont go

I don't care
I don't care
I don't care
if he screams until my ears bleed
if he stabs till I plead
if his shadow engulfs my happy
I don't care
As long as he hears the sincerity

As long as he knows
I love him
like a blooming rose loves sun
for her petals can almost touch the rays
her petals can almost touch his rays
the petals can almost touch his rays

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