That Summer

December 15, 2010
By Anonymous

How funny it is
to be talking to you
so normally
but as I meet your eyes
there is a little glimpse
in the corner
and it takes me back to
that summer...
the creek and the trees
you made my heart skip
like the rocks you threw across the river.
Your sky blue eyes
so close to my face
your Kool-Aid stained lips
"I like you a lot," you had told me
and the blood rushed to my cheeks
you pleaded me to come with you
and without hestating I followed
you made my eyes see your face
and your sweet laugh
echo in my ears
do you remember
when you got in a fight
at Speedway over me
and a month you
couldn't go there?
I come back to the conversation
but your blue eyes and
Kool-Aid smile
still linger as I find
your eyes looking back at that summer.

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