Happy Never After

December 13, 2010
By Anonymous

I used to live in a dream world where dreams came true, love had a happy ending a kiss never ended in a tear, a smile never came with a frown, girls never got hurt by the jerks they fell for, but most importantly it was all a dream nothing mattered it was all what I wanted it to be almost like a fairy-tale one you would find in the story books only i was writing the story I got to tell the ending. It wasn’t one of those things that look like they are going good but end up bad, many of us girls fall for the guys that treat us like a princess that make everything better but guess what not everything can go the way we want it. We live in reality were dreams don’t come true, love never has a happy ending,kisses end in tears and smiles come with frowns. There is never a girl who falls in love and doesn’t cry because of the boy. This was my dream world but this is reality I tried to make my dreams come true but they never did. Reality kicked in and the guy I love was the guy that filled me with lies. You told me you loved me you told me you cared. I thought I meant something to you. As I look at your text’s you said all these sweet things but in reality my heart said you meant it but my head said get out. You made me promise never to leave you and I said I never would and you promised the same thing and now look my hearts been broken, my love has died and you pushed me away you acted like you didn’t care and I’m just wondering why your acting like this, why you had me come from my dream world and fall to the ground. You made me fall, you told me it was okay and guess what it was okay for you because when i fell I died and you didn’t have to deal with me anymore. As my world started to fall it all went black and I knew I was dead and i could never see your face, hold your hand, kiss your lips, hear your voice or read your text. Suddenly every light was coming back and i saw you again sitting on your roof looking at the stars where we used to sit together. I had a thought that your voice brought me back but all of a sudden I sat next to you and grabbed your hand, I whispered I love you and you looked around but you couldn’t tell i was there. Fore I was still dead. As you started to write just like you used to I read as you wrote “Rachael. I loved you and now your gone you are all i can think about, my heart starts racing when I see your face but I know your gone the more I miss you the more tears I cry. You were my one, my only, my true love. But now your dead and I have to say goodbye. If I could have had one last chance to see you I would tell you this and let you die in my arms.” As I read over his shoulder a tear ran down our faces I suddenly was gone but as I faded away I said I love you. It was all black once again but it never became light again and I knew my dream world was over.

The author's comments:
This piece is one of my best i feel that you guys who care to read about death and love would truly love this piece.

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