Last Ditch Efforts at Romance

December 28, 2010
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we met when we were young
you were older
my friends loved you
I was indifferent
I didn’t need you
years passed
stars, rain, and tears
we met again
somehow I recognized you
we talked
to pass the time
we saw each other more
and said hi
as it turns out
we both had
that sick-minded sense of humor
that only shows up
in psych episodes
the office
and Japanese comics
my friends liked you
and so did I
I needed a friend
days passed
stars, rain, and tears
we were friends
we were happy
my friends said you loved me
I believed them
did I need you?
we were in love
you said
I love you
I answered in my own way
and it made you love me even more
time passed
stars, rain, and tears
we saw each other over time
our conversation
was guarded
laced with awkward silence
we wanted to share our hopes and dreams
but we were no longer
just friends
friends no longer?
more time passed
stars, rain, and tears
I want to hear you say you love me
you haven’t in a while
time has passed
we both have changed
been broken
by time
and blood
you speak of the girls
who ask you to
you turned them down
is it your way of saying you love me
or trying to make me jealous
I don’t dance
I want to kiss you
I want you to love me
I want to love you
I want
I want
I want
I want things to be
like they were before
and even love
but that won’t happen
we will see each other again soon
I want to kiss you
I want to love you
but I really need
something to say

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akwolfchick This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Oct. 4, 2011 at 10:11 pm
My friend just texted me and told me that their ap English class is using this poem! Yay I feel like a good writer! (I am the one who wrote this) I'm just sharing this because I think it is very cool. (ok yes I am incredibly happy because that probably means it's good)
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