December 16, 2010
By Crazylove GOLD, Crestwood, Kentucky
Crazylove GOLD, Crestwood, Kentucky
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"love life live it"

Why does the pain hurt so much? The pain of losing someone so close. Someone that you love and care for. Why does the tears never stop? Crying nonstop over losing someone. Wishing that the tears would stop. Trying to hold the tears in. Not wanting one of them to fall out. Why does it feel like the heart is breaking? Breaking into different pieces. The puzzle pieces of the heart that no longer are able to fit together. No longer to feel the burning pain. Why does losing one person make you feel so alone, like no one cares? Feeling like you have to face the world alone. Like no one can help you along the way. Where the darkness shadows over you until you can no longer see the light or any good in your life. Why is it that the ones you love can hurt you more than anyone else? Making it easier to lose yourself. In order to lose all faith where you feel like you can no longer love. That anyone you love will just hurt you anyway. That you start to question the word love. You dont even really know if its real. I dont think any of these questions can be answered. But in the back of my mind, these questions will always run through my every thought.

The author's comments:
This was when i thought I was losing someone really close to me. That I could petentually be in love with.

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