Mental Mindset- Fixation

December 27, 2010
By Natetheliberator BRONZE, Cookeville, Tennessee
Natetheliberator BRONZE, Cookeville, Tennessee
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Favorite Quote:
A reason without reasoning isn't a reason at all.

Mental mindset- fixation.
Unable to see this from a new perspective.
There's always an explanation,
And it's logical.

I can hear voices of children,
They play outside.
I can hear voices like static,
radio interference.
Why the fear, what am I avoiding?
I only want acceptance- from myself.
Acceptance of the world.

I want to know the answers to life's big questions.
How I f***ing strive to solve them every day-
from when I wake to sleep to dream them up.
How I need them, these thoughts, to fill my cup-
to survive- they are my life.

Mental mindset- fixation.
Unable to see this from a new perspective.
I get it, we all need something to believe in;
We all need something in which we can trust.

I see the moon high in the west.
I see clouds levitating in the sky.
I see the sun ascending slowly in the east,
sustaining and taming Earth the beast.

He can see things which others can not.
He made sense of what others could not.
I'll show them what I've found.
I'm beginning to understand what makes it all go around.
It all goes round in circles and cycles.
And I believe I have found the answer to the question!
-To the question which they no longer ask..

Mental mindset, fixation.
So unable to see this from a new perspective.
They all just want something to believe in.
They all want something to stand on.

They've overlooked themselves as an option.
They've overlooked themselves to be the cause.
They've overlooked themselves to be the solution
-the solution to the enigma they don't know they are.

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