December 26, 2010
By ChrisThor BRONZE, Deer Park, New York
ChrisThor BRONZE, Deer Park, New York
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Sitting atop the church, bells are ringing
Below a young couple is dancing and singing
Waiting for my old love to walk out the door
She starts to cry when she sees my body soar

He was the perfect man, like everyone said
Too bad today he ends up dead
How ironic is that, can’t you see?
Death as the result of Canon in D

Excitement is what I strive for on this wonderful day
For today’s the last, for me and my prey
To end up in hell with no love, it feels right
Proud of the way I died like a kite

That got caught in a downward breeze on the beach
I’m just glad the heart of my love was in reach
I grabbed it tight with no regrets
And shot a bullet into her new mans chest

Hearts can die in many ways,
Like she killed mine at the end of 12th grade
The next day she lied in her bed,
With a rusty old knife stroking her head

She wished life could be paused, with her last breath
Too bad life can’t be stopped, without death

The author's comments:
This poem is meant to show the troubles of separation and how one expresses the deep feelings within him/herself.

I am not having troubles myself but i see it happening often in society today, which is what inspired me to write this.

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