A Place Like This

December 26, 2010
By Anonymous

I wish a place existed where you could run and never stop, where you could sit under the old tree and think about life. A place where you could go just to get away from...everyone. A special place that only you know about, where you could sit for hours doing nothing but staring up at the sky gazing at the clouds. A place that you could draw countless times, but never capture the true atmosphere. A place you'll go to before you leave for college, a place you'll go to before you get married, a place you'll come back to 25 years later to show your kids. The place that you never showed anyone except your best friend and your first true love. The place that you call home. The place you visit every year. The place where you first realized you were in love. The place where you hid when you were upset. The place that mended your first broken heart. The place where you ran to after having your first real kiss. The place you escaped to after senior prom, after your heart was broken. The place that you made decisions at. The place you spent three days saying good bye to before you left for college. The place where your house now sits, the only one in sight for miles, next to where the old tree, with your initals scratched into it, used to be. The place where your kids grew up. The place that you fell in love with. The place where you will be buried. The place that is still as peaceful as when you were a child, untouched by the modernizations of the world around it. The place that you are devoted to. The place that was, and is, your life, and will be forever.

Don't you wish this place existed too?

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