Be My McNugget

December 26, 2010
You're my mcnugget.
That's what he said.
Not that I thought 
I was committed to him
But to be his mcnugget?

Just a bland white nothing
Not even the real deal
Just a cheap imitation
That's what I was to him.

And it's not like 
I thought that to myself
When I was feeling insecure
Or like his old girl
Whispered it to the locker room
He said it
Right here
In the mcdonalds drive thru.

Like I should be proud
He's so poetic
But I'm not blind
To veiled insults
Especially when it's a curtain
Made from chiffon
He chose
To hide behind.

I told him
He was my fries
And I like my fries
In a frosty.
I can't wait
Till he explains to his mom
What happened to his
Best jeans.

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