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Random Autobiography

December 25, 2010
By Francis SILVER, Atescatempa, Other
Francis SILVER, Atescatempa, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"To be human is to be beautifully flawed."-Eric Wilson

I was the expected from the beginning till the end
I learned to have patience everywhere I go
I’ve held every moment closely as the world passes by my eyes
I’ve lost a lot of people I loved
But as I walked by I found peace by surprise
No matter what I’ve had my good and bad experiences and still wish some had never happened
But I tell you sincerely to try your best and not to worry
Because what I once saw had me worried

I once screamed with energy when I was a kid
I once tried to hide in the shadows as I lurked around and got
Into double trouble
And twice I tried to let go
But I had to think about the future and my own
I bought what I thought
I received and perceived
I will testify that I’ve done wrong but I’ve learned not to hide

And to step up to the base and speak up on my own
I’ve been scared to share what’s within
But I have stories of survival and hope
That when you read them the smell of freedom comes through

( Because to you it may be unexpected when the time comes
But theirs others around you who make it expected and then the time has begun.)

The author's comments:
It talks about different things in my life.

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