Mend The Broken Heart

December 23, 2010
By KristyJ BRONZE, Sterling, Colorado
KristyJ BRONZE, Sterling, Colorado
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"Actions speak better than words"

I sit at my desk
my heart feels like a fallen chest
for my heart
it just won't start
in my chest
it pounds
I get pulled to my knees
It binds me
I can't ever be free
I need
to mend the broken heart
inside of me
I close my eyes
on new shoulders
I cry
I shake
with tears
this is not fake
it's all of my fears
they are now shown
but now I know
I'm not alone
Now my heart
even when it realized
it still won't start
this is me
now I see
even when I need
to mend the broken heart
just for it to start
I know in the end
I won't have to defend
defend my heart
from all the pains
for they're insane
this is just not me
I can't help it
but no one can see
I hide inside
even when I cry
all I do is try
to hide from view
so no will see
what is true
I need
I just need
All I ever need
All I will ever need
it's just
I can't find the right words
to fit on this page
I'm feel like I'm trapped in a cage
My heart
just won't start
even if I stay
I wonder
I need to mend the broken heart
that refuses to start
I know it will in the end
but not now not this time
mend the broken heart
let it make even a shallow start

The author's comments:
hearts can't always be mended you have to wait for the wounds to heal on their own even if it may seem like forever the pain does go on and on while your waiting but you just have to wait

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