December 23, 2010
By Anonymous

I lie the flowers on your grave
Tears race down my skin
Clench my fists
I can't let them see
Got to keep it together
For one more day
Don't look at me
I can't let you see me like this
Go back to the days
When you believed my smile
Get away from here
Leave me now
Can't bear to see you
Watch me fall apart
I loved you yet you left me
Alone on this Earth
No means of escape
Trapped in this desolate place
How could you think
This could fix the wrongs
That it could change
All the pain
The scars are your own
You can't just cover them up
They're part of who you are
Part of what you would've been
Now its just black on white
Ink on red
So don't list the excuses
It makes no difference in the end

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