Redeemed Innocence

December 23, 2010
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Red lipstick smeared on pouty full lips
A quirked brow as seduction from that mouth drips
Moments of pleasure to some young boy,
But after the price is paid, she’s only a broken toy.
They get what they wanted,
Then leave her with eyes gaunt
Why does she do this to herself?

The dark past drives her to humiliation
It’s just a job and it meets her low expectation
They see her as a means because she is
A means to mangle innocence with destruction’s kiss
They get what they paid for
Then she breaks just a little more
Why does she do this to herself?

But it was a prostitute who kissed Jesus’ feet
A woman with a marred past, slate washed clean
She is no different, she can be freed
Accept one last man in but this time be redeemed
This is what He paid for,
Her sins, so that she could be more
She is finally free from herself.

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