Do you know me?

December 22, 2010
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Sitting upon the winds of change
I see my former self
How happy and gay I used to be
When I thought myself to be free
Now I know I am locked away
In an emotional prison I will stay
Will I ever get out you say
Maybe I will
Maybe one day
The circumstance fuels the flame
Of the inner struggle that used to be tame
The riot inside is pushing to get free
So that everyone around me is allowed to see
The war within is one of blood
My steady soldiers now stuck in mud
They can't get free from the emotional trap
And they fight to win
Following the criss crossed map
The one that led them astray in the beginning
So lost in the woods they know the struggle is winning
They hear the cries of the darker side
And their hearts stop beating
But at least they tried
My steady soldiers lost the war
They run away, their pride so very sore
The darkness envelops my mind
But I continue hoping that one-day I will find
The very thing that I do not possess
The courage to stand up to darkness, which I will confess
So now I ask for you to see
Look at my face
Do you know me?

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