December 22, 2010
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Why can’t I sleep?
I am tired
So exhausted I want to die
I turn the lights off
Hoping darkness will envelope my senses
My mind is only filled with light
I open the window
Wishing that a cool breeze might settle my nerves
They are wired high
I look at the stars
Wanting the peace they bring into my soul
It is still at war
I gaze upon the moon
Needing it to calm my heart
It is still racing
I close my eyes
Hoping for the drowsiness it might bring
My eyes can still see
I cover my ears
Hoping to execute the sounds
They still hear
I sit up in bed
And watch the trees
The branches move with the rustling wind
The leaves float down to the horizon line
And I watch them go
I cannot see the wind
But the wind can see me
It blows my hair around my face
Whispering in my ear
The moon shines brighter than it did before
The stars become restless as they twinkle in the sky
I open my eyes wide to see the sight
I listen with my ears to all the sounds outside
And suddenly
I am asleep

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