December 21, 2010
Can't you see the tears
Hiding at the back of my eyes?
All I want is someone
To hold me while I cry.
So much I've been holding in,
All the anguish is about to escape.
Never should've kept it a secret,
It was slowly driving me insane.
There's so much pain
I've been keeping inside,
I had to be strong,
Couldn't let you see me cry.
But I can't hide it,
Can't hold the tears back any longer.
Maybe letting it out
Will make me a little stronger.
The walls around my heart
Are cracking, tumbling down.
I feel the tears running down my face,
Maybe you'll understand better now.
I have to let it all out,
Spill everything I've hidden inside.
Now I feel better; I see clearer
Since the tears washed the pain from my eyes.

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