December 20, 2010
By Anonymous

i am weak
i am sad
i can't fight
i can't win
in the darkness
i am alone
from the light i doth hide
dark is safe
dark is familliar
light is fear
light is danger
i beg the darkness
to sofocate me
to strangle me
for i am tired of being alone
tired of being the forgoten
my soul aches
my heart throbs
this life will destoy me
eat at me
tear me to peices
inside and out
was there a time
ever in my life
when it didnt at least hover
consume me when it could
yet it seems to worsen
every minute
every second
of every day
i yearn for a moment
only a single moment
to be free of the pain
it stabs
it rakes
it burns
it brakes
i wont survive
not another minute
not another day
oh please just end it
please just take me away
kill me
destroy me
oh finally!
i beg
i plead
i dont know what to do or why
i want
i need
i give
i give
i give
beat me
lie to me
hurt me
kill me
but love me
and i'll love you
i'll love you in a way
no one has ever been loved before
nor shall ever be again
yet you don't
you wont
though you know it's the only thing i've ever truely wanted
the only thing i've ever truely needed

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