The Dream

December 31, 2010
Words are hard to say, but easy to write.
If I’d sing em’, they wouldn’t come out right.
I got so much to say.
If only I could find the right way.
So many thoughts run through my mind.
We’re racing against each other and wasting time.
Emotionless love that dare not speak.
If it did, it wouldn’t mean a thing.
Pretending to care is all I ever do,
And at the end I’m only hurting you.
These scared voices in my dreams;
They’re telling me something, but I don’t know what it means.
I’m trying to understand and comprehend completely,
But the words they say just sound like muttering.
Nights past and the muttering becomes screaming.
I start to listen carefully and I get what they’re saying.
People are haunting me and keeping me away
From living my life cause they betrayed their trust in me.
I’m not focused on the now. I’m living from the past;
That’s why the friendships I make never really last.
I wake up from my dream; seems more like a nightmare.
Can’t see cause I’m blinded by loneliness and despair.
Looking around and realizing no one really cares,
But why would they if I was never there.
I look up and you’re no longer a stranger to me.
You’re truly amazing and it took me a while to see.
I might stutter, but what I got to lose;
I’ll change for you if it’s the last thing I do.

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