Reflection of the truth

December 16, 2010
By Anonymous

there will be times with tears running down

where do you turn ?

the mistakes you made, the lessons you learned

hands shaking , can't stay still

praying looking into the endless sky

from a frozen window sill

alone and forgotten

left in the rain

heart in hands bleeding

many things can't be change .

The sign of weakness many people think

getting stuck in quicksand, when u need their help

called on a trusted friend,, what a response i got

your voice was never heard , trust you, never again

You want the clouds to go away

the water to cease

the wind to calm

your heart to find peace.

A heart's cry

a lonely heart

tears streaming down

A heart's cry

you might fall and can't begin to regain strength

look up above

be surrounded by love .

I'm there to place a smile on your face

a hug to get through

to lend open ears and a open heart

all i can say is i love you

The author's comments:
this poem is dedicated to anyone that has ever felt alone and in need of someone to be there and no one comes to your aid i hope you know that there is someone out there waiting for that kind stranger to extend a helping hand

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