Elegy to a Rose

December 14, 2010
By Saba-chan BRONZE, Slidell, Louisiana
Saba-chan BRONZE, Slidell, Louisiana
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Faded rose, wilted so except for thorns
Last reminder of beloved bouquet
You have wasted too soon away from me
Leaving me alone with no way back home
And only this harsh painful ache to feel

Beauty had you in your ever fleeting life
A terrible beauty that charmed me so
So sweet was your scent though it was quite faint
And so calm was your grasp that held me fast
Dear rose, surely you know perfection

Fear not I, nor waste airy sigh on pain
Death’s grip is weak and easily broken
Soon now you shall bloom once more with my heart
Old scars will heal and my own life will warm
Dearest rose even your thorn will know joy

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