Hope in the Sand

December 14, 2010
Found a box of hope
in the sand.
You’d be surprised
what the world looses
when what we seek refuses
to land in our hands.
but it won’t go away
Not now.
Not yesterday
or tomorrow.
It’s here to stay
and we question
that something’s not right
don’t mention
we can’t see in the night
and never know just what to do.
But under the bridge
sleeps a man.
The child
whose life just began
was born into war
and can’t even take one step
outside his own door.
Not now.
Not today.
Not tomorrow.
And everyone knows it is wrong.
Can’t believe
it’s being going on
for so long.
Why hasn’t someone stepped up?
Why haven’t we seen
these things we’ve been taught?
Why have our dreams
been left out to rot?
But they haven’t.
Not now.
Not ever.
And so we step out
from this world we’ve known
venture away
from this place we’ve grown
to be what we know
and know who we are
because that’s
what we’re told
to do now.
And we reach out our legs
but don’t know
where they’ll land
it’s possible
we won’t know how to stand.
Yet it might be
as I understand
that we land
by a box of hope
in the sand.

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