Chained (12-24-09)

December 14, 2010
The bloodstained snow consumes her
She clutches her heart
And reaches for his hand
Wishing they didn't have to part

He turns to the dark
And leaves the light to die
She closes her eyes
And releases a heartbreaking cry

She bleeds alone
He doesn't turn back.
He has his own life to live
It doesn't matter that hers is black

Dying seems like her only escape
To live would be to forsake.
Forsake the truth, the emotions
Everything would turn back to fake

But she has never known easy
So she hold on
Onto every small piece that was ever true
And remembers all that is gone.

Slowly she heals
Painfully she lets go
Until one day she can stand
Although her head hangs low.

The sun melts her icy prison
And the only thing that remains
Is a scar on her right cheek
And it will forever befit her chains

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