Along With These Broken Pieces of Me

December 15, 2010
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I am broken, no longer a prized token.
Tears flood from my eyes.
The spirit inside of me dies.
My life no longer has meaning.
My smile is no longer is beaming.
I am lost- I am the unfortunate soul.
I am the girl standing alone under the light pole.
I can’t think clearly.
My thoughts are weary.
I cannot win.
So I resort to drown them with gin.
I forgot the pain for a while.
I just let go and drifted for miles.
I had to stop because I couldn’t see you anymore.
I fight this endless remembering and forgetting war.
I remember your sweet smile.
It’s more rare than the Nile.
I remember the way your eyes shine.
Their blue waters are so kind.
I remember singing with you.
I remember you tying my shoe.
I forget the wrongs still happened.
I wish there was a way to turn back the clock.
Reversing the events and sealing them with a safety lock.
I would be the only beholder of the key.
I would make wishes by the sea.
I’d live of love.
I’d set free the white dove.
But it’s nonsense,
Life is simply a menace.
Full of everyday insanity,
I stand alone in a crowded room.
I am unnoticed like the many wild flowers that bloom.
Someone with a love like mine is rare.
They don’t care.
Nothing can compare to the way you did.
I can’t change it.
It’s controlled by fate.
For me it might be too late.
A shattered heart can’t be fixed with tape or glue.
I just flew.
Left and never returned.
The memory of you still burns.
Leaving ashes.
Scattered among many broken pieces of me.

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