Sailing Away

December 19, 2010
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Sailing away

Don’t you wish you were on a boat

Sailing away,
To Yesterday

You never really felt the real affection
Everyone told,
How your brain molds

In to the arms in which you fall
The one you tar

With the trust in which you bred
Into your mind
Where you met

Despise the days that you hate
The regret made,
Take it back everyday.

Now the bricks wind down
To the court
In which you found,
The red roses in which one meant
To give up
The time spent

Never had breathed this breath before
The smell which emulates
Into the air it stays

Don’t allein me with this anymore
I used to feel joy
Not just annoy

The air was so simple,
Popped like a pimple
As your crumble

Why did the needle stop so soon
Lifted off,
In to a typhoon

One word bred on an airy day
Can chase a flower
Any day

What used to be protrude
Is now wilting,
Softly sitting
In to the soil it grows
Down beneath
The hard exoskeleton knows

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