December 19, 2010
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I said something
I thought it wouldn’t hurt
I can’t explain how I feel, wait
Just one word explains it sorry.

It was between you and me
I let others see
What was supposed to be between you and me
And the only word I can say is sorry.

The words I said
I can’t take back
I wish I could go back
But I can’t
The only feeling I feel is sorrow

The conversation stops
When I walk in the room
Your eyes are like needles
Piercing my heart
Making see my sorrow.

Now I’m stressed
Your secrets on my mind
Why did I say it
I don’t know why

Anger won’t change
What I’ve done or said
All I can say is sorry
Please forgive me

It’s ripping me apart
Slowly, painfully
But I can’t go back
And change what I said

Forgive me please
I am your friend
I will never do it again
What can I do
What can I say
To make you see
That I’m so sorry

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