December 15, 2010
By Anonymous

Love is something that we have
something lonely, something sad
All I saw, was a dark night
then my sister was out of sight
with a gun next to her hand and tears down her neck
All I saw was a girl
her life a wreck
falling down in a pond of tears
laid down to pray out my fears
the thought was never close never near
I repent now
Of the screams I could not hear
The thought I could not read
Thinking to myself ,hoping that was me
The notes I never read, the clues around her head
But now it’s too late
Her body cold
lips are blue
why did she do this?
Was it because of me and you?

I feel the earth below me
like a pillow under my head
no kinfve, no pills but a gun instead

I pound the ground
screaming why oh why?
there was other ways for her to die

My parents arrive, my best friend too
I thought to myself, What should I do!?

I look away the pains to deep
her life is over because of you and me

as I look down my family
I regret that night
her life stopped ticking
When the clock strike five
All because of you
All because of him and me
all because of that fight
I lost you that night!

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