Ode to Sleeping in School

December 15, 2010
By pokey2431 BRONZE, Marengo, Iowa
pokey2431 BRONZE, Marengo, Iowa
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Oh School,
You make me so sleepy.
I love to pretend I’m paying attention
As I slowly doze off.

Oh School,
How you rest me.
I think I sleep here more than
I do in my own home.

Oh School,
I love your homework.
I love not being able to sleep
Because there is just so much to do.

Oh School,
I love that you think I’m
Listening to your teachers
As I start to snore.
I love that they think it, too.

Oh School,
I love the fact that
It is so hot in here.
The heat exhausts me and makes me yawn.

Oh School,
I love that your desks are
So uncomfortable when
I lean over onto them to
Lay down.

Oh School,
I love when the teachers
Wake me up and tell me
The bell has already rang.

Oh School,
I love sleeping here
And most of all,
I really do love you.

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