The Melting

December 14, 2010
By eliza_stein BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
eliza_stein BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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Fragile limbs of frozen beauty
Hold countless secrets at their tips.
Concealing the unknown in plain sight,
They taunt us with their magnificence.

But the ice is melting slowly;
Clumsy fingers try to recreate
What has been delicately sculpted
And what soon careless wrists will break.

By casting our own excessive shadows,
We strain to block the rising sun.
Though we labor through night and day,
We can’t prevent what’s already begun.

Palms become damp as we attempt to catch
The water spilling down the sides
Of innocently placed perceptions
And harmless raindrops of countless lies.

Eyes catch their last glimpses, then turn away
As pools begin to form at our feet.
The freeze is over, the sun has won
And toes are soaked in clear defeat.

And thus, the world keeps on turning,
Though none can ever simply forget.
Yet, our thoughts become diluted
By the weary drum of the drip, drip, drip.

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