The Sailor's Lament

December 9, 2010
By Anonymous

Laying here adrift
Broken and worn
With crack’d skin and flowing white hair
Washed by the salty kisses,
The chilling embrace
Of the raging deep
I am alone with only the sea.

The waves tear at my face
And sweeps away
All the memories
All the thoughts
It leaves me cold
Lonely and dead and old
I am alone with only the sea

And the warm rain
Falls upon me
As though the sky was weeping
For what I have become
Her painted face stained
With blue, blue tears
Falling out of a portrait
Of broken glass
I am alone with only the sea.

Hunger eats at my
Empty belly and thirst
Scalds my wooden throat
The waves envelop me
Sealing me in caves, white
And endless blue.
I am alone with only the sea.

The darkness closes around my
Carved, frozen eyes
Into the sea’s
Endless night
With a last cry and
A final gasp of
Creaking timbers
And lost glories
I am alone with only the sea.

Days of golden glory
Fly through my mind
Like birds on silver wings
Of exotic lands
And warm sun
Precious cargo and the joy
Of the wind whipping my face
And fanning my white hair
Which now lies tattered
Hanging from my wooden form
And now I am alone
With only the sea.

With a crash of my cracked tongue
And a nod of my broken brow
A corpse sinking
Into the sea
I am free and fly
Into that cold lover’s
Final embrace.
I am alone within the sea.

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