Cycle of Love

December 9, 2010
By Anonymous

indifference (we met)
acquaintance (we talked)
admiration (I noticed more)
hope (I dreamed)
friendship (it was so easy then)
devotion (I cared too much)
obsession (you didn't care enough)
love (you gave in)
shock (I won)
pain (you shut me out)
sadness (I missed you)
submission (I let you hate me)
depression (I let me hate me)
anger (I stopped blaming myself)
hate (I finally lost my blindfold)
spite (I mocked you in pain)
mirth (I mocked you in humor)
superiority (you weren't even worth mocking)
tolerance (I forgave and forgot)
pity (I felt sorry for you)
numbness (I stopped caring)
indifference (I let go)

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