Conversion of Sinners

December 9, 2010
You can’t take back the things you say to me
Because that would make you a saint, you see.
And I can’t have that. I just can’t let that be.
Every one of us’s a sinner. You and me!
You can wonder away, but your wish won’t come true.
Have I ever gotten any compassion from you?

But Devil-man, what do I do?
My life’s ruined, so I come crawlin’ to you.
I want joy, not for good to burn!

Oh, brainless brother, you skins never learn.
Be a tad sympathetic, my dear scorching friend.
For we’ll burn together. Welcome to the end.
Don’t worry, dear, I’ll take all the blame.
After all, there’s a black mark on my name.
It all falls on me, have some…sympathy.

But Devil-man! I ain’t did you no shame.
I did all that you told.
You know it, Black Knight. My soul is sold!
So why leave me so dry?
I needed a high.
I beg of you, man.
I’m your number one fan.
Give me a line to hold onto!

Oh, sweet little fool, I never wronged you.

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