Dream Sky.

December 9, 2010
By Faceless BRONZE, Kennesaw, Georgia
Faceless BRONZE, Kennesaw, Georgia
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You Have Bewitched Me, Body and Soul, and I Love, I Love, I Love You. I Never Wish to be Parted from You from This Day On...

I’m back again
In the Blue
The Nothingness that exposes us
Our thoughts
Our hopes
Our fears
Deeper, deeper I go
Standing still…
Abruptly, my feet land on ground;
Subtle and soft between my toes.
I look around at the modest homes of my cul-de-sac from my own drive.
The sky is dark.
Ominous rolling Clouds in the distance, dancing, right above my head.
“At theater…” I think.
This is a show, entertainment, a play; something fun and majestic for me to watch.
I sit down, front row, and enjoy my view.
Suddenly, the Clouds reach out to me, They buck at me, trying Their best to scare me as they twist and turn in on each other.
Now, it’s a duel, a fight.
Who can face the other without backing down?
Me and my courage versus the Mighty Clouds and all Their magnificent power.
I stand my ground, my internal fear and confidence fluxuating back and forth against each other.
I want to give in, I want to run, but in the back of my mind, I know this is still a show.
A spectacular performance created by the hand of GOD.
I smile,
And as I do, I see a break in the Act.
A glimpse of precious yellow light, briefly shinning down, reflecting off the rain-wet pavement;
The star was about to make her appearance.
Furious, the Cloud quickly closes in on Heavens Light,
Keeping it selfishly for itself
Yelling, “Go away!”
It roars
It thunders
It sparks its lightning
Like a cobra rattling its tail
Like a dog viciously baring its teeth, it tries to keep me away…
Far away
But I don’t move.
Because now I know there is Hope behind this battle.
A prize
Priceless and beautiful.
I straighten,
And look it directly in the eye, never blinking.
He cries, The Cloud;
Pleading that I don’t take his love away,
That I don’t leave Him lonely in His void of Nothingness.
But I am selfish,
Self- Seeking.
I want what I want.
And I want it now.
With a final strangled moan,
The Furious Cloud I battled
The Middle.
The Glorious Light filled the cul-de-sac
Creating long shadows,
Sending mine far back behind me,
Creeping up the face of my house.
My hair whipped back,
The trees shook
The shingles shuttered from its overwhelming power.
The beauty of it left me with only two words:
“Dream Sky”
And at that moment,
As fast as it had appeared,
It vanished.
The Cloud evaporated soundlessly
Leaving only Blue Skies.
The Light spread far and wide throughout the Blue,
Needing no Sun,
For it alone was enough.
I looked on,
Content with my days work.
Briefly forgetting that I too was floating in my own void of Nothingness.

-Dream Sky.

The author's comments:
From a Dream I had last week.

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