Letters to You

December 9, 2010
I took a stroll down memory lane
And found a lost path you left for me;
Shattered dreams and forgotten things
Littering the path;
Shooting stars lying lusterless on
Crisp autumn leaves;
A broken song floating on
The midsummer breeze.

I didn’t forget you yet;
You’re that nightmare
I wish I could wake up from;
Not yet.
You left me with an empty hand,
A soul in turmoil.

My words mean nothing;
They are empty ink splatters,
Useless attempts;
You won’t hear a word I say,
You won’t understand;
I’m speaking in hushed tones,
So as not to wake the dead.

Mythical romance,
Endangered appeal;
Don’t dial those digits,
For your own sake;
Let yourself down,
Just one more time.

This is reality,
Here’s your check;
I don’t want this,
Get out—
No more apologies;
I am not sorry
For being me.

Goodnight and goodbye
To all those long lost follies
Farewell to fairytales,
I no longer need your path
Less travelled by.
And that has made all the difference.

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