The Choice

December 9, 2010
By zrkrehbiel BRONZE, Sabetha, Kansas
zrkrehbiel BRONZE, Sabetha, Kansas
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There was a girl of age fifteen who didn't know her way.
Distractions in her innocence had led her heart astray.
She made a choice to give away her holy purity,
and in return the Lord bestowed responsibility

Too young to face the trials that a mother undergoes,
she cried in desperation for an answer to her woes.
Again distractions came to her and told her many lies.
"A child is no blessing if the child dwells inside."

Isolated in her shame from cruel society,
she made another choice to end a beating heart's poor plea.
Walking on a lonely road, she traveled to the place,
where others go to leave behind a disappearing race.

This missing race that had no chance to live and breathe on Earth,
would soon be joined by yet another, hopeless for a birth.
She saw the sign and walked the steps and stood in front the door,
then turned around and saw a sign that offered something more.

A chance to give a baby life, a chance to let him see,
a family to love and care for all eternity.
When the times of hardship, dread, and hopelessness run deep,
remember there are choices, God makes promises that keep.

The author's comments:
I was adopted by a family as an infant from a young girl who, if took another choice, would never have given me life. I am ever grateful.

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