No Longer Mine for The Second Time

December 13, 2010
By livelylaughter BRONZE, Guelph, Other
livelylaughter BRONZE, Guelph, Other
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Live everyday like its your last.

All there is left to do is let go and end the pain within my chest. It's time for me to realise your gone and there's nothing left. This shouldn't hurt we've gone through this before but somehow I want more. You had taught me how to love again and in the end all you wanted was a friend. I keep looking back at what we used to be so I really can't blame you for the pain within me. I know memores can cause tears to flow but I still can't seem to let you go. We fooled ourselves once again thinking we could be more than just friends. I can't accept that we are done. You had me convinced we wouldn't have a re-run. I've taught myself not to cry and it seems as though all the tears from befor have dried. I remember when you said that you would always love me and to not forget that I still remember and I can't help to look back.. But there is something I should tell you too, even after the pain im going through I can still say I love you. I had closed my eyes to reality once again and forgot that you can't be forever with me. Now you've opened my eyes to reality once again and made me realise you are not meant to be with me. Now my eyes are truly open to a world that seems so empty, and a tear glides down my cheek. I cannot ask for a rewind because you are no longer mine and I cannot control time.

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