So we walk...

December 14, 2010
By ppviduya03 BRONZE, Olathe, Kansas
ppviduya03 BRONZE, Olathe, Kansas
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Summer is dwindling down,
summer evenings are going to come to an end.
Soon enough Fall will come and dismantle the leaves from the trees
and will cover my world with a layer of coldness.
But for now, the air is warm and the setting sun greets me.
So I walk...

Jett comes sprinting my way with his shoes on the wrong feet
and gives me his best toothy grin and says “Mom says I can go with you.”
So we walk...

The sun reflects off of Jett’s raven black hair as he tells me about his day in school.
He rambles and stutters his way through his story.
So we walk...

Jett tells me a joke that makes no sense,
but the delivery was so precious that I laughed anyway.
So we walk...

We cringed our way past a man who was too old to be mowing the lawn shirtless.
So we walk....

Mother Nature repaints her canvas from the vibrant light of the day
to the serene calmness of night.
The orange hue is overtaken by a new violet tinge.
So we walk...

“Jett, why do you have to grow up? I wish you could stay this little forever.“ I sadly ask Jett.
He simply states “I just have to. I don’t know how to stop...“
I laughed.
So we walk...

I forget all my stresses in my life for a moment .
So we walk...

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