Here and Now

December 11, 2010
By Fabuquinn BRONZE, Woodway, Texas
Fabuquinn BRONZE, Woodway, Texas
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When you come, and you go you break my soul.
When you stay in the present it lets me know,
To love is to sacrifice. To stay is to sacrifice.
To go is to sacrifice. To live is to sacrifice.
Hurt, broken, dizzy, lost.
Here I am, and now you know.
Who is it that hurts the most? No one knows.
Who is it that fights the hardest? No one knows.
Who is it that loves the best? No one knows.
All we know is what is here and what is now.
We sacrifice our power, strength, pride, and hearts.
We lose all, we gain all.
We see our soul beaten and tattered.
Who will fix it?
When we have our feelings hurt to no return.
Should we give up?
If it doesn’t work.
Do we run? No.
Do we become angry? No.
We resolve to move on, to forgive.
We allow ourselves to learn.
Here we are, our hearts hurt,
Our past broken, our trust lost.
Now we see our future hopeful,
Our life joyful,
Our dreams fulfilled,
And our love eternal.
Here and Now is where we live.
Here and now we are free.
Here and now we live life.
Here and now we change our world!

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