December 10, 2010
People see what we have as crazy, erratic, insane
Not seeing the light shining through the darkness of its shadows
Every time we speak our hearts emotions are put the line
This causes a confliction with our hearts our heads
Logically I know being with him will only hurt me, which more than likely I won’t come out of this battle without wounds that will leave my heart with scars as reminder to the pain he has caused even the is long
But this is where our head must trust the heart’s judgment
Because even though they can be blinded, it sometimes has what you really want in mind where the head only sees logically what is best
No one can understand the way I feel
How would they know, how can I explain
All though we may seem different deep inside us
We really aren’t that different at all
He will be heart from this day on now and forever more
No matter what they say
You’ll always be in my heart, always

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