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December 8, 2010
By emmmm SILVER, Roebuck, South Carolina
emmmm SILVER, Roebuck, South Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
"just as faith is about to let go, that's when my Jesus said 'no, this one is Mine. I will not let her go. hear the voice of your Savior and know I will carry you!' " -air five

"Happy one year anniversary!"
"I love you, and only you!"
"I want to marry you!"

Dude, I've heard it all before.
Don't you dare tell it to me now.
I'd just laugh in your face.
Because it's all a lie.

Just because someone makes you feel tingly inside,
Does not mean it's Love.
Tinglies come and go
And once yours are gone,
I'm left pretending I never cared.

You completed my heart at one point.
[Though I was just whipped cream on a cake to you.]
My heart has pieces missing.
[But your metaphorical cake is just fine.]

I carry memories of this in my front pocket.
Readily available once I get too happy.
And heavy enough to weigh me down
Once someone new discovers them, they head for the hills.

And I am alone once again.
But I didn't give them any of my heart.
I'm keeping the few cracked pieces to myself.
No one else is allowed to take them.

They may look, but never, ever touch.
No one is allowed close enough to touch, anyway.
I learned my lesson;
No need to relive the pain.

I'm done trashing my body
I'm done giving my brain space and time
To anyone who wants it.
It isn't fair to me.

I just want to stay indoors,
Curl up with a box of tissues
And my smashed heart
And never give it away.

It's so much more trouble than it's worth.
Especially since it's worth NOTHING.
Too much has occurred as a result of this
For me to not have learned my lesson.

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